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Welcome to "Inspiring", my fanlistings collective.

As you may know, a fanlisting is a site with the aim of listing all fans, from all over the world, of a particular subject.

The official directory for fanlistings is The Fanlistings. Fanlistings listed there are considered official.

Well, as you can see, navigation is on the left...choose your section and become inspired! ^_^

Newest: Feel my pain :: FFX - Anima & Seymour Guado

Random: Forgive me :: FFX: Yunalesca & Zaon

This version was created by me using patience (^^) and a brush by Tere. It is very simple, as you can see :P
It is called "Autumn Beauty" because autumn is a season that inspires me; it's almost a rebith for, I thought that dedicating this site, and this version, to it was just fair.
I'm a hopeless romantic :P
Credits go to Tere for her wonderful brushes, and Angela for her wonderful script Enthusiast. The banner and avatar templates that I used can be found here.

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