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Welcome to , a directory for all fan-sites: fanlistings, fanfiction or fanart archives, shrines, strategy and so on.

Please, before joining, read the rules. It is very important if you want your site to be approved.

As you see, there are two main categories: Italian sites and English sites. This refers to the language of your site: if you are Italian but your site's in English, please apply for the English category. Ok?

If you want more languages or want to suggest a new category, please send a request to me here. It will be added as soon as possible.

Enjoy you stay here! ^__^


February 27, 2006: I had to disable the join form, since it had become the target of spam bots. Please be patient while I find a solution^^

October 30, 2005: I slightly changed the rules. From now on, special charaters in site title (like *, #, [ or &) are strictly forbidden since they permit to avoid the alphabetical order. Site titles breaking the rules have been edited.
March 14, 2005: a bunch of new 88x15 codes, thanks to Xandorra's palettes!
December 11, 2004: the layout has been modified a little, and I joined a new webring and a directory. I also deleted all blank sites there were listed.
December 8, 2004: long time no see, uh? Well, I added 4 affiliates, 1 donated ode and a bunch of new 88x15 codes! More are to come soon, so stay tuned....and donation are always welcome!

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